Mirage Sizing Numbers Explained

Written By: Ward Hessig

We've had so many customers ask us just what the numbers on the inside of their ring cover info mean in regards to our sizing so here is a quick quide to better understand our sizing. This rough guide is considering that you have a hip and chest ring harness. If you have a standard or old style hip ring harness the main lift web number will be roughly 1.5 inches longer.

Typically there are three numbers and will look similar to 16.5, 16, +.5

The first number is the length of your main lift web in inches. A good reference (but rough guide) to go by for the MLW length is this if you have a hip and chest ring harness:


5'3"-5'5" 14"

5'6"-5' 7" 15"

5'7"-5'8" 15.5"

5'9" 16"

6' 17"

The second number is the length of your leg pad in inches.

And the third number is the length of your "stabilizer" or "lateral" as shown below compared to a standard measurement. +.5 means we add 1/2 of an inch to our standard measurement.

You may see one more measurement which is your shoulder extension. That is the length of material that goes from your yoke or neck area up to your 3 ring. The shoulder extension will be longer for thick chested people as the material to cover that distance will be longer. Again, that measurement will be + or - a number compared to our standard. +1 would be a large shoulder extension for thick chested men. That number is always last.