Mirage Services

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Want to guarantee your container ships by it's expected ship date?

We at Mirage Systems strive to deliver on time according to our estimated delivery dates from the time you place your order, however our delivery times are not guaranteed. If you would like to guarantee that we ship your container on or before the expected delivery date you may purchase a Guaranteed Ship Date insurance policy for $100.00. This guarantees that we will ship your container on or before the expected delivery date quoted to you after the receipt of a completed order form.

Rush Delivery

In a hurry? Try our rush delivery service.

Mirage Systems believes that quick delivery times are an integral part of good customer service. For this reason we strive to keep our delivery times as short as possible, making ALL of our deliveries a "rush" delivery. Mirage Systems does, however, offer a 'No later than' service' for those customers who need or want their container shipped by a specific date. This helps those who really need their rig for a specific itinerary, or even those who simply enjoy instant gratification. 'No later than' rigs are essentially handheld through production and shipping by the production manager and the customer service manager. Rush Fee schedules vary depending on how quickly you need your container and are also dependant on our current delivery times. For a fee schedule of our current 'No Later Than' fees email Sales@miragesys.com

Rush deliveries will be granted at the sole discretion of Mirage Systems.

Rigging & Repairs

When in doubt, get professional help.

Whether performed by a rigger in the field or here at Mirage, routine maintenance and/or the occasional repair may be required. Thanks to modular design, many repairs can be performed in the field with Mirage supplied components.

Some repairs are best left to the factory. We have the capability to rebuild your rig to as close to new condition as possible. Worried about the cost of repairs? Pricing information for many common fixes can be found on our Price List page. All customers sending harness/containers to us will be charged a mandatory $15.00 Container Airworthiness Inspection charge.

If you do send in the rig to us please make sure to fill out a repair order form found here and include it in the box. If it is for a re-size or a harness adjustment please make sure you include measurements as per our measuring guide here. Please make sure to include your height and weight


Speed vs. Cost - You pick the shipping option that's right for you!

Mirage Systems understands that reliability, speed, and cost are all important factors when choosing a method of shipment. We meet all of those needs by shipping exclusively via UPS Ground. Many expedited options are offered to help you strike a balance between cost and speed, but with UPS, reliability is never in question.

Guaranteed Ship Date