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Standard Backpad

Basic design - Advanced comfort.

The Mirage G3 Standard Backpad is a parapak lined foam pad which provides good comfort at a significant weight savings over the G3 Deluxe Backpad. It's simple, but it works!

Mirage Systems uses only the highest quality 1000 denier Cordura. It comes in these and many more brilliant colors.

All Mirage Cordura is coated to resist staining. Liquid literally beads up and slides off, like mercury!

Our leg pads are lined with 1/4" medium density foam. This foam is nearly ten times more expensive than the industry standard, and is highly resistant to compression over time.

The BOC pouch uses a special nylon elastic blend made for Mirage Systems. This elastic weave lasts several times longer (often over 1000 jumps) than the less durable spandex used by other manufacturers.

We line all inside container surfaces with Parapak, rather than Cordura. Parapak has a smooth, shiny finish that makes the rig easier to pack and its contents quick to deploy.

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