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Congratulations! You are about to order the safest, most comfortable, and best looking rig on the market! At Mirage Systems, we build to suit. That means that whether you intend to keep it simple or trick it out, we are here to make the ordering process go as smoothly as possible. Working with your dealer, we strive to build you the perfect harness/container system, custom built to fit you in every way, without long manufacturing delays.

*****Color matching is not exact to what you may see on the screen. Slight variations occur, depending on the batch/lot and material. Additionally, the same color in different materials is not guaranteed to be an exact match. Example; fabrics are manufactured by different companies than webbings and trim tapes. Mirage does its best to provide true, high quality colors, but these variations are beyond our control. If it is critical that you have a specific color match, then you may contact us and request a sample of our current inventory*****


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